Walmer Occupational Health and Wellness Centre

This project, which formed part of the Nelson Mandela Metropolitan Municipality's Integrated Development Plan 2006 - 2011 for the provision of public health facilities, has resulted in a state of the art facility being developed. This facility will be a huge asset to the neighbouring Walmer Township, by enabling them easy access to Medical Facilities.

To ensure that the facility is cost effective and environmentally friendly, a C-Bus system was installed to control the lighting and air-conditioning.

With sensors located throughout the building, lights will be activated whenever someone enters the area. After a certain period of inactivity, the lights will automatically turn off, thereby ensuring that lights do not burn unnecessarily. The sensors are also able to determine the current light levels and should the natural light be above the required level, the lights will turn off.

The air-conditioners were originally going to be managed using timer switches, but Building Automation Systems was able to advise the developers that the C-Bus system was able to control the air-conditioning as well. The air-conditioners will be activated by the same sensors controlling the lights. When no movement is detected in a certain area, the air-conditioners will power down. This all ensures energy savings.

The entire system can be controlled from a Colour Touch screen which was installed at the centre. This simplifies the management of the system.

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